Clean Low-Cost Solar Energy Providing Company PosiGen

The New Orleans, Louisiana based PosiGen solar energy company provides its customers with solar PV systems, solar-powered hot water systems and energy efficient upgrades, and its services are available for both homes and businesses. They offer services at easy monthly payments. Founded in 2011, PosiGen was a response to the expensive energy problem that followed Hurricane Katrina a few years […]

Dr. Abdulla Al-Humaidi’s Living Legacy

Dr Abdulla Al Humaidi is the mind behind the Kuwaiti European Holding Group (KEH), founded in 2008. The company focuses on the real estate, medical and leisure sectors. The notable franchises under this umbrella are in Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UK. Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi started his career as a medical practitioner working at the Royal College of […]

The Zilch Offer that's Disrupting the Buy Now Pay Later Market

Due to their unique mode of payment, Zilchs’ number of sign-ups is growing steadily. Their systems allow consumers to shop from online retailers who accept Master cards. Their payment is spread without attracting extra fees. The card is termed a revolution to online shopping where shoppers can use it at a 0% interest rate. Shopping from recommended online retailers, shoppers […]

Jason Hughes: A Market Leader

Owner, CEO and Chairman of Hughes Marino, Jason Hughes is a market leader and a strong proponent of tenant representation. He works with his wife to provide the best services in the buyer representation industry by adding results guarantees to customers. As a significant figure in tenant representation for years, the highly recognized Jason Hughes introduced new legislation such as […]

An Overview Of Numbers USA Immigration Policy Suggestions

For decades, immigration has been a very contentious issue in the United States. NumbersUSA is a pro-immigration advocacy organization that pushes for sustainable immigration. With its main offices in Arlington, Virginia, the organization was launched in 1996 by Roy Beck. The move was related to the findings of two commissions sanctioned by the federal government to study the long-term effects […]

Information About IM Academy

  The IM Academy is an organization that sells educational products and services that focus on teaching foreign exchange skills to students. The products and services that the academy offers are delivered through pre-recorded or app-based content. The IM Academy was formed in 2013 by two partners Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry, in New York to educate students […]

Why Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Has Been Working on Celebrity Endorsements

Getting celebrity endorsements seems like one of the essential aspects that an organization can be able to get in the market. That is why most of the companies have been working towards having celebrity endorsements in their products or the services they have been offering to the market. Unfortunately, getting celebrity endorsements is not one of the simplest undertakings. Only […]