Insecurity across various cities globally, particularly in the US, has become one of the hot topics on the news headlines. However, new security apps have been created to provide safety alerts to people and their loved apps with new upcoming and trending technologies. One of the most popular security apps includes the Citizen app. This application is designed to provide real-time safety alerts to people and keep the authorities informed through verifying 911 information.

Citizen announced that it has partnered with the National Weather Service (NWS) to deliver severe weather alerts to Citizen users in real-time. Citizen App users can now receive alerts for incoming storms that could cause property damage and other dangerous conditions. Citizen is the only app that will provide alerts from NOAA radar and Citizen users.

According to news reports, the Citizen app has experienced an increased number of users, which currently stands at 7 million and more than 234,000 downloads. Citizen App has become efficient and reliable, especially during protests and demonstrations whereby users can ensure their safety by checking police presence and availability. The citizen app was established in 2016 as a vigilante app but later rebranded to Citizen in 2017.

It was entirely designed for the aim purpose of helping people avoid potentially dangerous situations rather than taking matters into their own hands. The app also warns users of potentially dangerous situations or incidents before the authorities arrive. In addition, Citizen also insists on users keeping themselves safe and avoiding putting themselves at risk.

For the last five years, Citizen App has gained positive global recognition by hitting the news headlines a couple of times since it was established. The Citizen was responsible for an abducted boy being found in Manhattan and a fire alert when a fire broke out at Trump Tower in 2019. During the second incident, Citizen’s users had live-streamed the incident making it easier for firefighters to arrive on time.

The Citizen App is available in 22 cities across the US and can be accessed from any Android or iOS device. In addition, the app treats its users equally with no biasness regardless of their social status. Visit this page to learn more.


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