For any company to see its true potential come into existence, there is a strong need for the best-suited chief executive officer available. Fortress Investment Group, it seems, has lucked out when it comes to the man filling its CEO position, Randal Nardone. Not many companies that specialize in financial services have a leader with legal knowledge, but that is exactly what this private equity firm got when Randal Nardone entered the role of its leader. He holds respectable J.D. degree from the well-reputed University of Boston, and his prior undergraduate studies were completed with the University of Connecticut. The fact that he studied law, though, does not mean that Mr. Randal Nardone is at all inexperienced in the realm of finance.

His professional history reveals the exact opposite. Randal Nardone has garnered some very valuable experiences at other investment firms, with Blackrock Management being the most famous one and Springleaf Holdings being quite prominent as well. Nardone and his collaborators became Fortress Investment Group’s entrepreneurial parents in 1998 when they took the bold step to co-find the private equity company. Having seen the ripples made by Fortress Investment Group in the sea of the financial services realm, Softbank saw a unique business opportunity. It managed to acquire a valuable partner in Fortress, and Nardone spoke highly of the deal, believing that it would be of great benefit not only to Softbank but also to Fortress Investment Group.

As many of you will know, Forbes Magazine puts out annually a list of the top billionaires around, and it was certainly a moment of much pride for Randal Nardone to find his own name on that list. If these upcoming years are to follow the trajectory of Mr. Nardone’s career thus far, then it can only be expected that he will likely find his industry reputation, as well as his well-deserved amount of wealth, growing and finding new peaks. Other organizations which are in competition with Fortress Investment Group are certainly going to find it a challenge to keep up with the firm with Randal’s drive and wisdom as the company’s compass and more