Florida is one of the states in the US that has continued to offer a wide variety of advantages to the real estate market. This is because Florida’s population has been on a steady increase. Secondly, the state has friendly government policies and low taxes that have promoted the growth of the real estate industry. M Patrick Carroll, the founder, and CEO of CARROLL asserts the response to the Covid-19 pandemic experienced in Florida favored the real estate market. When the covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, the state-imposed few lockdowns that resulted in an uninterrupted flow of cycles in the real estate arena.

Experts in the real estate industry depict that CARROLL’s massive purchase of the coveted The Avenue apartment homes is a clear indication of an expansion of the Orlando metropolitan market in the located property. The multifamily community that depicts styles used in the 1998 era occupies approximately 52 acres of land. The apartments are also set on a scenic view of a 19-acre lake that relatively makes the residents enjoy the nature of the waterfront. CARROLL’s massive purchase of the apartments under the leadership of M Patrick Carroll was sensitive to the location. The apartments are located in a serene and convenient environment approximately 10 miles west of Orlando.

CARROLL company is set to upgrade the apartments by upgrading the common areas and shared amenities. M Patrick Carroll depicts that his company will rebrand the apartments to ARIUM Lakeview once done with the upgrading. Additionally, CARROLL is set to manage the apartments under the multifamily brand called the “ARIUM”. It has been depicted that the company has gained a widespread reputation across the Southeastern United States. In the multifamily housing sector, CARROLL is said to have completed massive transactions. M Patrick Carroll is confident about the future of the real estate market in the US.

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