In ten years, the Insurance Office of America has proven to succeed in giving support to several sports teams. There is a part of the company that mainly focuses on offering a partnership with athletes. The company’s dedication to these athletes has made this sector of the Insurance Office of America evolve. The collaboration between the Insurance Office of America and the Sports teams is still ongoing.

In 2008, Heath Ritenour became the CEO of the Insurance Office of America and later on became the chairperson in 2019. This company had been invented by his father, known as John Ritenour, in the year 1998. Till to date, John Ritenour keeps on giving his full support to the company. The success and accomplishments made through the Insurance Office of America can be attributed to the fact that both Heath Ritenour and his father John Ritenour have tirelessly been putting effort to make the company better and strong in the industry of Insurance.

Even though it is usually challenging to deal with sports teams in matters of Insurance, the company is doing just fine. Heath Ritenour mentions that of all sports, football is the hardest to deal with since it comes with many risks. However, for every sport, there have to be ups and downs. It is essential to be fully aware of risks that your clients are likely to encounter to offer them insurance efficiently. Heath also insists that their job does not necessarily involve selling their policy but majorly entails the clients understanding the risks involved. A customer will decide whether or not to buy the procedure depending on the chances they get the conviction. Both Heath Ritenour and John Ritenour are anticipating better ways to assist the teams they share partnerships with.

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