Gregory R. Blatt is the former CEO and Managing Director of dating sites Match Group and Tinder, owned by IAC. He has seen the companies grow over the years while he led as chair in board meetings. Greg Blatt’s extensive career has followed the enormous development trajectory of the firms. With high-profile executive positions in the world’s most famous brands, including Match Group, and Tinder of IAC, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Greg Blatt has made significant progress to them all.

Blatt has utilized previously mastered talents to play a vital leadership position within these organizations, with passion, devotion, and drive to leading their continuous development and expansion.

As a modern managing director and executive boss, Greg Blatt understands the significance of his professional responsibilities’ motivation. Besides, he deliberately pursued jobs that would be fulfilling professionally and personally. A part of his achievements, Blatt oversaw the Match Group’s IPO in 2015.

Blatt has always understood the link between unwavering passion and professional achievement since he was a child. Blatt’s upbringing in Massachusetts was somewhat aimless, yet receptive to discovering drive in inquiry, thanks to a therapist mother, management consultant, and Exporter father. See this page for additional information.

He got an undergrad in Literature from Colgate University after graduating from high school and embarked on a quest to find his future professional pursuits. Blatt took advantage of the chance to travel and genuinely select what professional dreams would fuel his desire, even though he had no specific guiding direction.

Greg Blatt effectively parlayed his expertise, insight, and understanding inside different areas of IAC. His innate motivation was a crucial element in his continued professional success and expanded every meeting he attended. Blatt’s career as CEO, leader, and thinker remains healthy, and he remains ready to face new frontiers, thanks to a diverse portfolio and years of relevant expertise.


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