According to Richard DeVaul, when people from different ethnicities come together, they can foster innovation considering they have different experiences. To ascertain these claims, we can cross-reference some of the thriving urban centers globally, including Dubai and New York; these urban centers are international melting pots and harbor numerous immigrants.

Richard DeVaul advocates for a change in the technology and innovation industry. He is a progressive thinker who serves as the founding partner and consulting CTO for HyperSolve. DeVaul graduated from Media Lab at MIT, where he developed a computational graphic design program. He also worked on creating a wearable memory support device for his dissertation.

We can all see that diversity has a positive impact when it comes to innovation; however, the main issue is that the notion is not easily quantifiable. Most business leaders have acknowledged that their companies usually gain from having a diverse workforce. Some leaders also believe that corporations should focus on promoting racial and gender diversity. It is safe to say there is a disconnect between how people perceive how diversity can positively impact your business. Richard DeVaul is confident diversity helps in the development of creative solutions to specific issues. Diversity of thought is a result of diverse life experiences, backgrounds, and training.

DeVaul wants to educate corporations and individuals on how to achieve true innovation, and diversity is an integral part of this quest. When you think of diversity, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You’ll think of inborn traits such as gender, age, race, sexual orientation, and ethnicity, for starters. You should understand there are more types of diversity that you can only gain through experience, and they’re equally important; these types of diversity include industry background, areas of study, veteran status, and career path.

According to Richard DeVaul, a smart leader will understand that supporting and building a culture that is inclusive ensures that the company can attract talented people who are willing to be committed on a long-term basis. It’s hard to quantify the relation between innovation and diversity. However, an inclusive and diverse company culture ensures the firm has a competitive edge, according to the studies that demographers and economists have conducted. Refer to this article to learn more.

In an article entitled “Richard DeVaul on Disrupting Innovation Consulting”, Richard DeVaul explains Innovation is about overturning the existing order of things. And while innovation does create great value in the world, that process is not benign. Innovation disrupts.


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