Established actor and voice actor Mark Hauser has been building a reputable career for more than two decades. The American-Canadian lives in Montreal but was born in The Great Lakes region of America. One of the attributes that have influenced his success is Mark’s skill of speaking in many dialects. This particular ability of his has played a factor in a lot of business opportunities. The work he’s done throughout his career consists of commercial voiceovers, narration projects, animated movies, television, and more. Mark Hauser has also made numerous on-screen appearances alongside actors like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Nat Zea.

In a recent interview, Mark Hauser says his career was inspired by an admiration for captivating acting performances. He also enjoyed how movies and television programs take viewers on a trek and tell stories. Creative options can be endless, and this makes for an intriguing experience as a career pursuit.

Mark Hauser prides himself on making efficient commitments and sticking to them. So when shooting or recording vocals for a project, he remains on set longer than needed to make sure his performance is executed properly. Whenever there is an issue such as sound effects or dialogue, it is corrected immediately. When not on set working on a current project, the actor is often conducting research for upcoming films. It is the main goal of Hauser to learn all he can about the roles he plays. By doing so, his solo performances are successful and this adds to the production’s overall success.

One trend that Hauser is excited about is the resurgence of reading printed books. He notes that more people are going back to reading the traditional way and this has a profound effect on information retention. He also acknowledges the growing influence of technology and how it’s helped his career.