The introduction of TUSHY products has been a great success. The company focuses on selling high-quality portable bidets. As people move around, they need to maintain a high level of toilet hygiene. The products from the company are aimed at helping people maintain the highest level of toilet hygiene. Miki Agrawal has Amsted the art of marketing. In a recent interview, she shared her secrets to success in marketing. People are interested in getting value for money. Making them interested and explaining the benefits the product offers contributes to effective marketing.

Utilize humor

Some products are hard to sell. For example, people may feel uneasy discussing toilet hygiene when selling portable bidets. Miki Agrawal advises people to introduce humor as they discuss the topics. It helps in melting down the tension to make people enjoy the fun as they try the product.

Make people interested

People should be interested in a given product before they can try it. There are several ways to keep people interested. For instance, start by introducing the funny side of the products and offer more detail on how it works. When people learn more about the working of the products, it becomes easy for them to master the working of the product and even develop an interest in buying.

Use company logos and mid-size influencers

Applying company logos and employing mid-sized influencers to spread the news about a given company contributes to effective marketing. According to Miki Agrawal, people are eager to learn from the influencers. Ensure the products are presented in a manner that will make potential buyers get interested. It is also essential to learn body language when discussing the benefits associated with a given product. It becomes easy for potential buyers to get the best experience and even recommend the products when they are not embarrassed during the marketing process.

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