Business collaboration has been one of the strategic methods of attaining growth and success in the market. Recently, it has become very difficult for companies to succeed due to the level of competition available in the market. Smaller companies are exposed to extreme competition by the large and established companies to the point where they are thrown out of the market. That is why the issue of industrial collaboration has become a strategic survival strategy.

Vik Bansal has been one of the few organizational leaders helping a waste management organization collaborate with other entities in the same business sector. Cleanaway has been operating alone in Australia. In the waste management sector, there has not been a significant level of competition. There are not very many business entities that have already joined this industry. That is why it has been very important for companies always to ensure they remain consistent with their business activities as needed.

However, Cleanaway has been recording some extreme financial difficulties owing to the fact that it has been operating in the waste management sector alone. It is worthy of indicating that the waste management industry is not the most profitable industry. Organizations working in this area need some level of support so that they can continue to operate in this industry without very many challenges. That is why Vik Bansal has been working on getting other companies on board to help this organization.

Vik Bansal wants to have other companies that have also been working in the waste management sector collaborate with this entity. By working with other organizations, Cleanaway will be able to save some money. It will be a profitable organization that is able to handle some of the complex challenges that it has been coming across in this market while attaining considerable success levels.

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