Kfir Gavrieli founded Tieks. Tieks has been producing high-quality women’s ballet flats shoes. Women on the need shoes they can easily carry. The company has based its efforts on designing and manufacturing portable shoes. Women who spend a lot of time outdoors can carry them in their bags and retrieve them to change anytime. They are foldable shoes that make it easy for women to wear around. Great comfort makes many ladies prefer the shoes.

Women fashion shoes company

The women’s fashion shoes company has been in the front line in developing high-quality shoes. They employ technology in their marketing efforts by ensuring the shoes are sold online to interested customers. Tieks has taken a different approach to how the shoes fashion industry work. They have been gaining attention because of the high-quality products they sell.

Tieks producing protection gear during the pandemic

During the pandemic, Tieks founder was touched. He decided to discuss with his employees and come up with a way to contribute towards helping the health care workers deal with the situation. People were facing challenges in accessing face masks and other protective gear, the company decided to start producing the protection gear. They contributed in a significant way towards tackling the pandemic.

Performing courageous acts qualify to be a hero

Heroes are all over, according to the founder. People who perform courageous acts are referred to as heroes. They came up with “Tieks for Heroes Program” that offered a one hundred dollars card gift to the first respondents of the sewing campaign, nurses, doctors, and military service team.

Kfir Gavrieli was asked to comment on his take about heroes; he was quick to explain what he considers heroism. People who put other needs in front of there are heroes. There are several cases where people at the community level have been seen putting others’ welfare ahead of themselves. According to him, those ready to go the extra mile and serve others during need are heroes. Click here to learn more.


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