When people with little or no knowledge of the stock market place trades, they can negatively affect the outcome for other investors. This is especially true for some activities, such as short selling, which can cause a turbulent effect on a stock’s value.

While the practice is legal, the art of short selling is complex. Many experts worry that, without adequate education, the novice investor does not have the skills to successfully pull it off. Education is available, but not all of the schools are created equal. That is even a greater concern to experts like Dr Jeffrey Harris, Ph.D. he is all too familiar with the stock market and the SEC.

Dr Jeffrey Harris undertook a study of trading schools, including the Online Trading Academy. He had formerly served as the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. His expertise on this matter is exceptional, and his investigation of Online Trading Academy was thorough. Dr. Harris reviewed the quality of the content of the course, its handling of risk management practice and more.

The teachers at the Academy are established investmen specialists. They have been in the industry for many years, and they have cumulatively taught hundreds of thousands of students at the Academy. Their focus is cleary set forth. Online Trading Academy provides their customers with the fundamental aspects of trading. It goes into depth in its 48 hour training plan. The curriculum stresses real life situations through which people learn how to navigate and minimize risk. The team is dedicated, and the information is delivered in a professional and comprehensive manner.

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