Eric Lefkofsky is a man with a competitive streak. He founded a company called Tempus in 2015 and has been doing all he can to make sure that Chicago can compete in the medical fields with other cities around the country. In a recent interview, he talked about his company Tempus, CoronaVirus and Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky says that Tempus has all of the right ingredients when it comes to business in Chicago. Now the problem lies in helping the city of Chicago be on the same level as other big cities. 


Tempus Pharmaceutical Firm is a cut edge company with the technology available to help other treatment centers around the country. Tempus Firm is a company that uses a patient’s DNA to move forward with necessary treatment in a worldwide database. Each treatment is individualized so that the treatment one patient receives is different from another. Under the leadership of Eric Lefkofsky, it is also being used in the treatment of the CoronaVirus as well.  Is it also having a positive impact on speeding up the progress of drug development and discovery.


One of the things that Tempus Pharmaceutical Firm has done over the years is to share the advancements made there with other doctors. They do not believe in keeping that to themselves. They want to help as many people as possible with the technology that is available. This is why Tempus Pharmaceutical Firm has done so well over the past five years. Eric Lefkofsky knows that Chicago can catch up if it wants to. With a cutting-edge company like Tempus, it is starting to do just that. That is why Eric Lefkofsy has worked so hard to make it what it is. 

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