Hawkers company is a Spanish-based firm that deals with the manufacture and selling of sunglasses and retail. This fashion company is recognized globally for its high-quality sunglasses. It manufactures trendy products, which is a reason behind its success and growth. The co-founders of this firm include Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, Pablo Sanchez, Alejandro Moreno, David Moreno, and Soriano Iñaki. The firm started as Saldum firm before shifting to Hawkers firm. This transition took place after Lozano toured the United States and returned with the sunglass idea in mind. He got the idea from a company he had benchmarked; Knockaround.

He shared with his brothers the sunglasses idea, who were supportive of the idea. They decided to venture into manufacturing and selling sunglasses, being supported by Moreno and Soriano. After doing their calculations, they raised $300 to be used in starting this business. The money raised was used to buy 27 pairs of sunglasses.

The success of the Hawker under the management of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez rose at a faster rate. They used the online platform to sell their products which were bought without delay. Several factors, including quality leadership skills, quality, and unique products, spearheaded the firm’s success. They also sold them at a cost-friendly price. Since its establishment, the firm has competed well with other firms, including Prada and Gucci, to name a few. Unlike its competitors, Hawker sold its products at a cost-friendly price.

Hawkers have also invested in product marketing integral in business success—the common platform used in marketing the firm’s products. The commonly used social media platform is Facebook. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez launched several campaign programs effective for marketing. Through these programs, they managed to inspire their target audience to use their products. Under the management of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, began investing in other sectors maximizing expenditures and improving its revenue.