Michael Patrick Carroll is a prominent entrepreneur, inclusivity proponent, and business leader. M. Patrick Carroll accepted to join CEO Pledge for Inclusion and Diversity that is focused on regrouping the investment community to integrate diversity and overall community incorporation within the workplace.

Only 1% of the 500 CEOs in the Fortune list are African or Black American. Out of the CEOs found in the S&P, 25% are female. Approximately 29% of the workers have a scheme that major on talent retention and about 15 million working people in America live with disabilities both visible and nonvisible.

The coalition targets gathering all the world’s CEOS from the best businesses and companies to leverage their voices for advancing inclusivity and diversity in the workplaces.

  1. Patrick Carroll is the founder and CEO of CARROLL, a famous real estate business based on proactive management, selection of specific submarkets, and redevelopment. The venture has a unique portfolio of investment properties belonging to many families. Michael Patrick Carroll founded CARROLL in 2004 and has gone all the way to acquire assets worth $7.6 billion.

The company has managed to sell about $4.2 billion, and evolve properties worth $200 million for the private investors, principals, and institutional partners. Currently, since joining CEO Pledge, CARROLL boasts of having managed assets worth $5 billion and owns about 30,000 residential and commercial assets in the US’ Eastern Coast.

  1. M Patrick Carroll Tampa attributes his success to his commitment to diversity and inclusivity within the investment model. Deciding to follow the requirements of other stakeholders in CEO Pledge facilitates him to advance further to change the business future and how they operate.

CEO Action is among the largest CEO-instigated commitment because it has approximately 13 million workers and 2,000 CEOs from 85 different sectors cutting across all 50 American states.

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