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Battlefield 4 Final Stand - Phantom Operative Code.

Today, we're going to give you the step-by-step instructions you need to unlock the Phantom Operative assignment, as well as the Phantom Bow, possibly the coolest weapon in the game, although nowhere near the most effective. Usefulness aside, here's how you can put it in your hands. Battlefield 4 Final Stand - Phantom Operative Code, Assignment, Phantom Bow Updated information on the progress of the Phantom Operative assignment. Guides No comments. DICE has included an Easter Egg in their Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC which allows users to complete an assignment called “Phantom Operative” and unlock the Phantom Bow. 02.05.2018 · Dear all, I need to unlock the Phantom Operative assignment. I need support from 3 other players. I have completed other assignments and have Hammerhead and Giant of Karelia dog tag.

BF4 Phantom Weapon Spyder Compound Bow! - Phantom Operative Phase 4 - Battlefield 4 Final Stand - Phantom Operative Phase 4 - Battlefield 4 Final Stand 74.86% 2014-11-24. The Phantom Operative assignment is still locked after 3 times going down into the Phantom room - First time I went down, two people who had the Phantom Operative tags assisted me. yet my phantom operative assignment still says ? and no requirements listed. AND NO REQUIREMENTS LISTED. I tried to interact with the docs again but the prompt to interact no longer comes up. Complete Battlefield 4 Phantom Assignment Walkthrough / Tutorial DICE has included an Easter Egg spanning all of Battlefield 4’s DLC except Second Assault and it’s core game. Completing all four Phantom Assignments, Phantom Prospect, Phantom Trainee, Phantom Initiate, and Phantom Operative will unlock the Phantom Bow. Das mysteriöse Phantom-Programm ist seit dem Release von Naval Strike in die zweite Phase gestartet und die Spieler haben nur rund eine Woche gebraucht, um das neue Passwort herauszufinden.

PHANTOM OPERATIVE PS4 - "OP The Operators Phantom Operative Search" Message me your phantom hunt server name and platform and I might add it here. New Dogtags - New Info! hello, i have a problem in search of premium dogtags on final stand for ps3. the problem is that every time i find the tag, after opening it whit the knife, the game will not be collected form me, making me impossible the unlock of the phantom assignment mileysad is there anyone who can. Das nächste Passwort für das Battlefield 4 Phantomprojekt "Phantom-Adept" wurde geknackt. Wir verraten euch wie ihr den neusten Phantomauftrag freischaltet. Playing single player again and I saw a few areas that could been used in multiplayer for some interesting fire fights. too bad BF4 doesn't have a map editor for the community 4 · 2 comments When your team keeps dying so you have to buzz them every now and then. For Assignments in Battlefield 4's base game, see Assignments For Assignments in Battlefield 4's singleplayer, see Singleplayer Assignments. The expansions of Battlefield 4 introduce dozens of new Assignments, functioning in the same manner as those featured in the base game.

Phantom Operative Tutorial for Battlefield 4 Final Stand: Getting the Phantom Bow. DICE has included an Easter Egg in their Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC which allows users to complete an assignment called “Phantom Operative” and unlock the Phantom Bow. Battlefield 4 had a hard time recovering from a rocky launch and the first four DLC packs came and went relatively unnoticed, but players wreaking havoc in private matches with the Phantom Bow has. Stream BF4 Phantom Operative sound files, a playlist by BattleRushGaming from desktop or your mobile device. Phantom Operative is a picture of a skull as usual with a bow and arrows behind it. This confirms earlier speculation of the Spyder being found in game code being related to the assignment. This confirms earlier speculation of the Spyder being found in game code being related to the assignment.

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“Hello operativeswelcome to the Phantom Program.” To complete the first three Phantom Assignments, you must be a Premium member for Battlefield 4 on any platform. To unlock it, you need to go into the Leaderboards section on Battlelog and click the on the bottom left of the page. To get the Phantom Bow enter 1290 429 397648 970 once taking the elevator to the Phantom Room. Once the force field has been removed, all players can enter the room to collect the Phantom Bow. There are also orders hidden in the room, which allow you to unlock the Phantom Operative Assignment. Es öffnet sich eine Konsole, in der Du die Passwörter für die einzelnen Phantom-Abzeichen eingeben musst bis auf das letzte sind alle bekannt - google hilft da.

Gamers Ahoy, the channel were you will enjoy games. It does not matter Console or PC Master Race. We are Gamers and Gamers Stick together! Climb aboard and l. =FaRT= Fast Action Response Team » =FaRT= Public Boards » Battle Field 4 » New BF4 "Phantom" Compound Bow Phantom Operative Assignment. BF4 Phantom Operative Assignment Dog Tag Unlock! By Lydia Pullan - Rating: 8.7 All Known Phantom Dog Tag Locations - Hangar 21 Final Stand - BF4 By Darnell Zacharias - Rating: 9.1 Final Stand “Whiteout” Dogtag Locations The most detailed guide By Ruby Harte - Rating: 7 Final Stand “Giants of Karelia” Dogtag Locations The most detailed guide. 10.12.2015 · Willkommen zur Battlefield 4 Phantom-Jagd! Wie sicher schon einige Battlefield-Fans mitbekommen haben, ist die Jagd nach dem Phantom-Bogen und dem letzten Phantom-Programm 'Phantom Operative' in vollem Gange. Gamers Ahoy! just having some fun transforming into a girl for 1 day, not even after 1 min i allready have 2 maches. Being a guy on tinder and bumble for almost 1.5 years, i still do not have a match.

Phantom Operative Password Categories: FPS Tags: battlefie. battlefield battlefield 4 bow and arrow bf4 bow bow doom how to unlock the bow in bf4 how to unlock the phantom Phantom phantom facility the phantom base the phantom bow tomb rider uncharted Unlock. Phantom Operative In order to unlock this assignment you will need to interact with some documents on the right hand side of the Phantom Room. They will be in top of some filing cabinets that you will need to jump onto to interact with them. The Phantom Operative assignment comes with the autumn release of the Final Stand update of Battlefield 4. Not like all other assignments are the requirements of this assignment not clear. The list of requirements shows a question mark. You need the community in order to know the requirements. So before I give you any tips on how to unlock the compound bow in BF4, I need you to understand the.

Culture. Login / Join N4G community now! Dies ist ein kleiner Überblick darüber, wie man in Battlefield 4 den Phantombogen auf normalen Weg freischalten kann. Alle Inf. Does anyone know why the kills for the phantom assignment won't go up in game or in battlelog? I've tried everything to get them to appear. Eine kurze Übersicht der Updates inkl. GPU Das Phantom Protokoll: >>PHANTOM PROSPECT gelöst >>PW: bumpinthenight >>PHANTOM TRAINEE gelöst >>PW: epic dream worlds. Assignments are multi-layered tasks to perform in Multiplayer. 45 multiplayer Assignments available, divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold. Rewards include dog tags, vehicle paints, and weapons.

BF4 Phantom Operative Dog Tag - NEW LOCATION Operation Whiteout xSpooby BATTLEFIELD 4 PS4 - Road to Max Rank - Live Multiplayer Gameplay 512 - BATMAN & ROBIN! yes, I have and yes, you need to complete phantom prospect before initiating phantom trainee With Reference To: LINK This guy,might be right, I believe that you have to unlock the mission Phantom Prospect in order to unlock Phantom trainee. To unlock the Phantom Operative assignment, the player will have to find a locker within the Phantom room with a stack of papers on top in the back of the room. Climbing onto the file cabinet next to it will allow the player to get on top of the locker and interact with.

After hours of investigation following the launch of Battlefield 4’s enigmatic Final Stand DLC, members of the Battlefield community have discovered the secrets of the “Phantom Bow”, a new weapon offered to only the most experienced operatives and only those who happen to own Battlefield 4 Premium. The Phantom bow seems like it's little more than a gimmick. I don't see how it's any different in BF4: you just have to do the opposite of what you would normally do in BF3. The bow is more of a mid-/long- range weapon, so equipping the XM25 DART or M26 will help mitigate its disadvantages. For those that are asking how to unlock the Spyder bow in Battlefield 4 specifically, it looks like you will have to work your way through a set of BF4 Phantom Operative assignments which are yet. houkom That's dirrrrtttyy. The 2 shotgun ribbons are ez mode. thats like 12 kills in a single round non consecutive. Roadkill, just get on an ATV and tool around. 19.11.2014 · Es öffnet sich eine Konsole, in der Du die Passwörter für die einzelnen Phantom-Abzeichen eingeben musst bis auf das letzte sind alle bekannt - google hilft da. Hast Du die Passwörter.

I've just started the Phantom Program and wanted to get the dog tag section out of the way early, seeing as it looks like the most annoying part. 09.11.2015 · The Phantom Program is a series of assignments in BF4 which are enabled by going to the "Leaderboards" and clicking on the Phantom icon [IMG]. In this video we tell you exactly how to unlock the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4 Final Stand. Phantom Bow Requirements: - BF4 Premium Member - All 3 Phantom.

BF4 Phantom Program Sign in to follow this. Followers 0. BF4 Phantom Program. By MetalMime, April 9, 2014. Phantom Operative. BF1 BF4 The Division PUBG. News: Phantom Operative. Training Video / Waffen Wahl: Background Info for Phantom Program Phantom Prospect: bumpinthenight Phantom Trainee: epic dream worlds Phantom Initiate: 24344241893 Phantom Operative. The Secret Phantom Base has been found in Final Stand on Hangar 21. JackFrags talks about the Phantom Program Phase 4 and breaks down all of the latest developments, clues and theories regarding how to unlock the Phantom bow and complete the Phantom Operative Assignment. Yah, I play BF4 on PC. But to get that bow, you need to jump through so many hoops. It's like going on the battlelog to type some password in, then get 400 kills with each weapon type LMG, SMG, etc etc, then get these phantom operative dogtags, which are found on a snowy map, in these TINY white boxes, then you need 4 people who all have.

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