Cloud Inventory is a cloud solution offered by DSI. The company is based in Kansas City and has gained a reputation within the city and its environs to provide real-time inventory visibility.

Field Inventory

DSI introduced Field Inventory Management to help both clients and distributors to monitor merchandise as they move from the warehouse, right to delivery to target locations. The real-time monitoring of merchandise while on the field has solved many current business challenges. Various companies have used the solution within the city and its environs to ensure that their goods reach the desired locations safely and in time.

A recent partnership that DSI made was with Salesforce. They offered the company rights to use Cloud Inventory to improve their customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Therefore, CRM users can now implement the solution’s strategies to capture accurate equipment and inventory on tickets and work orders. As such, Salesforce has improved its distribution of cloud-based CRM services and its complementary enterprise solutions. They can now service orders and track their inventory while on delivery.

Data Systems International provided them with a composite application that they can use on any mobile device. As such, field technicians can now use the application to update and complete their work status. As these technicians enter data while in the field, the integrated application ensures that the information is updated to the rest of the CRM system. Such information can then be accessed by anyone and in real-time. Such an efficient delivery and access to information have improved customer response efficiency. Companies using CRM have found the platform an excellent addition to their logistics. Most of these companies rely on field services to deliver information to their clients.

The partnership can assure their clients with real-time visibility of their merchandise and operations. Due to this, they will improve customer demands safely and effectively. Besides improving efficiency, these users can now be confident that they comply with service orders. sVisit this page to learn more.


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