In a recent article by ABC Money, Rachel Sterry explains that Atlanta-based corporation CARROLL, founded by M Patrick Carroll, is seeking to expand into Las Vegas through the acquisition of two properties, Emerald Springs and The Meadows. Both properties are located only twenty minutes away from the famous Las Vegas strip and show the potential to be quite attractive to those who live in Las Vegas and work in the tourism industry. Because the properties are situated so close to a high-traffic tourist area, the proximity of these residential developments will be quite lucrative for the company. M Patrick Carroll and his company recognize that Las Vegas is a rapidly growing community, and the need for affordable housing for the residents who work in its many industries is also a growing need. The article goes on to report how this move by CARROLL is in keeping with its most recent development strategy in other urban areas across the country, namely providing affordable housing for those who live and work in the community, especially if the community is expanding. As per directives issued by M Patrick Carroll, both properties will be renovated to bring them up-to-date and make them more attractive to potential residents. The units will be developed in the garden style, and the facilities will offer more amenities. M Patrick Carroll has shown his leadership skills in previous projects such as these, as CARROLL has successfully developed similar properties across eight states in the country already.

ARIUM Lakeview is one such property located in Ocoee, Florida that turned into quite a successful business venture as a development for those who reside in the Orlando area and work in the many tourism industries located in this region. The development in Las Vegas will likely be just as successful for Carroll who has already facilitated the development and sales of 88 previous projects for the company, resulting in over $4 billion in sales. When not engaged in business, Mr. Carroll takes part in many charitable endeavors worldwide, and also owns an Italian football team.

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