CARROLL’s M Patrick Carroll Leads the Company in Purchasing The Avenue Apartments

Florida is one of the states in the US that has continued to offer a wide variety of advantages to the real estate market. This is because Florida’s population has been on a steady increase. Secondly, the state has friendly government policies and low taxes that have promoted the growth of the real estate industry. M Patrick Carroll, the founder, […]

What Can Luke Lazarus StartUp Magazine Offer You?

Luke Lazarus is an entrepreneur who writes for StartUp Magazine. The StartUp Magazine features important and timely new companies, ideas, and trends that are shaping the new business world. In every issue of the StartUp Magazine, there are articles about many different companies – one or more with something to do with technology, information technology, e-business, marketing, management, social media, […]

Why Fortress Investment Group is Committed to the Practice of Hiring Talented Financial Experts

Today, every other investment organization wants to have some of the best talents who will be helping in addressing some of the extreme challenges emerging in this market. There is no entity that wants to be left behind when it comes to hiring some of the individuals who are talented and who want to address some of the major problems […]


In ten years, the Insurance Office of America has proven to succeed in giving support to several sports teams. There is a part of the company that mainly focuses on offering a partnership with athletes. The company’s dedication to these athletes has made this sector of the Insurance Office of America evolve. The collaboration between the Insurance Office of America […]

M Patrick Carroll Seeks to Expand Holdings In Las Vegas

In a recent article by ABC Money, Rachel Sterry explains that Atlanta-based corporation CARROLL, founded by M Patrick Carroll, is seeking to expand into Las Vegas through the acquisition of two properties, Emerald Springs and The Meadows. Both properties are located only twenty minutes away from the famous Las Vegas strip and show the potential to be quite attractive to […]