Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most well known and well recognized humans in all of the world. He is a famous billionaire, but is devoted to helping society as a whole. Rather than solely supporting himself, he uses his money and his status to change the world for the better. Eric Lefkofsky recently helped raise money to help bring improved innovation to the world of medicine. One of his joint efforts involves bringing personalized medicine to new and different diseases that there is no single cure for in the world. 


This huge advancement in the field of medicine could save lives, improve the quality of life for many, and change the way that we forever think about medicine. Eric Lefkofsky founded the company Tempus in 2015. Tempus is a medical company that works directly with cancer patients to help deliver the best and most personalized care possible. His growing company has data for nearly one out of every three cancer patients in the United States. 


He is working with his own company and nonprofit companies to bring a change to the way we think about medicine. A revolutionary change to the way in which we treat cancer could save millions. His company, Tempus, now offers clinical trials, imaging, oncology and counseling in addition to other benefits to all of their patients around the world. As the need for better healthcare rises, successful businessman and entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky will surely be at the forefront of innovation. He is already a billionaire, but his assets will continue to grow with his innovation.

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