Distraction is the greatest hindrance to achieving success, and David Schmidt believes harnessing the power to overcome distractions is the most significant skill a person can master.

He, to an extent, believes that learning this skill should be considered a superpower.

The CEO and founder of LifeWave, an accomplished and well-recognized wellness and health company, thinks he owes his mastery of this skill.

He believes that his passion for innovation pushes him to pursue means to improve other people’s lives. Over the years, David has created numerous innovations for which he holds over 90 patents.

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The innovations he seeks often involve improving on his previous innovation and improving people’s lives.

At one point in his career, he worked with the US Navy to create mini-submarines where the critical focus was finding an alternative means of keeping elite US Navy personnel awake without using drugs.

The project’s success was carried on to his company LifeWave, where he further researched this knowledge, resulting in the now popular product X39, a wearable patch.

David believes that planning one’s leisure time properly and using it productively can significantly impact improving attention.

He believes that most Americans spend their leisure time unproductive, leaving little time for other productive activities and building essential skills.

David explains that activities such as meditation can be used as a great form of leisure to help developmental focus and resilience.

Besides focus, David states that it is crucial to be mindful of how and what an individual is working on by creating an intentional process.

He opines that having a deliberate strategy is vital as it helps in effectively directing one’s energy. David believes that his focus on only specific aspects of the company has helped achieve its success.

His commitment to the company’s long-term success is also attributed to his direct intention over long periods. It is this long-term intent that has LifeWave constantly produce new products for its customers.

David believes that the company will continue to strive to achieve tremendous success to improve people’s lives significantly.

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