When a person loses weight, it can have a dramatic effect on the body. You can find yourself with loose skin, and it will sag. That’s not good when you are wanting to look your best. It will look really bad and make you look older. Sam Jejurikar of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, does body contouring, and getting rid of the “batwing” appearance or doing an arm lift happens to be one of his specialties. You can make an appointment to see him so that you can have those youthful arms again.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar has been doing plastic surgery for a very long time. His work is among the best in the Dallas area. With him having a practice in Dallas, it gives people hope that they can change things up when it comes to how they want to look. Some of the clients do before and after shots to show the difference in how successful the procedures can be. An arm lift will get rid of that sagging skin, and you will look very nice in short-sleeved clothing once again. It won’t hurt to get information about the arm lift to see if this is the way you should go.

Any client looking to have the arm lift done must have good health overall and have overlapping skin that is caused by extreme weight loss. Sam Jejurikar does perform the procedure with anesthesia, and it takes about two weeks for things to get back to normal with using your arms. You are going to love the results. If you believe you are a good candidate, visit Dr. Sam Jejurikar today for a consultation.

To view his full history, visit: https://health.usnews.com/doctors/sameer-jejurikar-406150