The New Orleans, Louisiana based PosiGen solar energy company provides its customers with solar PV systems, solar-powered hot water systems and energy efficient upgrades, and its services are available for both homes and businesses. They offer services at easy monthly payments. Founded in 2011, PosiGen was a response to the expensive energy problem that followed Hurricane Katrina a few years earlier when residents of that area were attempting to rebuild their homes. Its aim was to help people whose homes were destroyed by the Category 5 storm save money by switching to solar energy. 


PosiGen performs energy audits in potential customers’ homes in order to identify any air leaks so that the company can determine what improvements would need to be made to prevent energy loss. The air-sealing upgrades that they offer can reduce this type of loss and lower the homeowner’s monthly utility bill. Another benefit to obtaining PosiGen services is that these improvements can also improve durability in a house or corporate building, which will make them more desirable to buyers in the future by increasing their value. By using solar energy, the company helps create a cleaner environment, and this can lead to better health and comfort for homeowners and their families.


By providing people with a way to use energy more efficiently, PosiGen gives customers a more cost-effective way to do their part in helping keep the Earth more environmentally friendly. After the company saw that most of the relief money from Hurricane Katrina was going to the wealthier citizens in the New Orleans area when reconstruction efforts were about to take place over a decade ago, the owner, Thomas Neyhart, considered that to be unfair to those in the area who were struggling financially, so he came up with the idea of giving them a more affordable option for heating and cooling their homes. The PosiGen company has helped more than 12,000 families access clean solar power for their homes and businesses. In addition to having its headquarters in New Orleans, PosiGen also opened another office in the city of Baton Rouge, and it has other offices in Ewing, New Jersey, Hartford, Connecticut and Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

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