Due to their unique mode of payment, Zilchs’ number of sign-ups is growing steadily. Their systems allow consumers to shop from online retailers who accept Master cards. Their payment is spread without attracting extra fees. The card is termed a revolution to online shopping where shoppers can use it at a 0% interest rate. Shopping from recommended online retailers, shoppers can pay up to 25% upfront, and the rest is spread out to be paid in installments.


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Their systems are focused on attained consumer connection, and their first step to achieving this is to accommodate the ever-growing waiting list. Philip and Serge Belamant have applied their strong knowledge on installments from developing countries, offering their customers a great way to pay overtime anywhere, anytime. According to them, it’s a sure way to ensure consumers get what they need without facing penalties. For an effective payment solution, Zilch has partnered with Mastercard. Customers can therefore use their Zilch virtual Master card when shopping online with retailers that accept Master cards.

Zilch is in the process of ensuring the card is used in-store too. Most BNPL products rely on several third parties. However, the Zilch model doesn’t require integrations, thus providing quick accessibility. Unlike competitors’ products which accumulate late fees and interest rates, Zilch is interest-free. Their systems use open banking and AI to calculate individual customer affordability. To protect shoppers against over-borrowing, it funds only low-value purchases. Since it released BETA products, it has experienced a high attraction level with over 15,000 new clients monthly.

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