The IM Academy is an organization that sells educational products and services that focus on teaching foreign exchange skills to students. The products and services that the academy offers are delivered through pre-recorded or app-based content.

The IM Academy was formed in 2013 by two partners Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry, in New York to educate students on a subscription model. The company’s primary goal was to provide efficient knowledge for its clients to trade independently. At the moment, the company has around 220,000 active subscribers.

Since its conception, IM Academy has always adopted remote working and does not incur the daily costs of running a physical office. Therefore, the company searches for talent to hire around the globe, meaning the pandemic did not cause any disruption to its operations.

IM Academy products are modules known as academies. The academies are broken into four sections, namely FRX, HFX, DCX, and ECX. Additionally, an extra discounted academy called Elite merges FRX, HFX, and DCX at 54% off.

Once users are subscribed to any academy, they gain unlimited online sessions to interact with IM educators using a Go Live service. Each Go Live session is offered in 13 different languages for students in other regions to access and understand the lessons. Each session is meant to last one hour and allows students to ask the IM educators questions or discuss the subject matter. If a student was not able to attend a live session, it is possible to access pre-recorded videos from each academy. Additionally, all the pre-recorded content is available on the IM Academy app.

As long as the client’s subscription is active, they have the freedom to access all the online content in their respective academy. However, there is also an option of downloading pre-recorded content for later use after the subscription expires. See this page for additional information.


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