Nothing excites entrepreneurs more than a growing business with enough income. According to statistics, millions of business leaders are seeking the most viable ways of growing their companies. Most business leaders are venturing into modern market strategies for business growth and development. The current market is exposing enterprises to emerging issues.

The coronavirus disease has taken a toll on many businesses across the globe. Some global firms and businesses have shut down while others are struggling to meet consumers’ needs. Despite the challenging business environment, other business leaders are making their way into becoming top entrepreneurs worldwide.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a perfect fit for a great business leader. Throughout his career, the business leader standout with vast expertise in business growth and development. The business legend has engaged in many investments around the world. The Hawkers Sunglasses industry counts among his top ventures.

While developing his career, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez operated an online merchandize company, Saldum. Hawkers shift to his new enterprise began after his friend came with sunglasses from Knockaround in the United States. After viewing the glasses, a friend inspired the business leader to establish his own company. The company focused on selling the latest fashionable sunglasses to fit users’ needs.

The startup company developed into a leading industry in the fashion world. As the top company in social media and other online platforms, Trending has registered significant returns. According to the business leader, growing a startup business entails choosing the right business partners.

The sunglasses company focuses on giving clients the most affordable eyewear. As a startup company, the firm faced numerous hardships, and within a short time, they fell into a financial crisis. But Alejandro Betancourt Lopez took the plunge to develop the company into a great enterprise. The company attributes its success to creativity, quality, and the determination to meet its business goals; all this is under the leadership of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez.