No one needs to introduce Laura McQuade. She is well known as a women’s rights activist. For many years she headed Planned Parenthood, where she served as CEO for facilities in the Midwest and in New York. She has also served in other vital directive roles such as CFO and COO of other socio-centric organizations.

Her skills lie in her ability to transform and focus stop, volunteers, and the administration of a nonprofit organization to serve its Community better. She is a beautiful strategic planner, and she usually sets an all-encompassing focus for all team members to achieve the organization’s goals.

On a personal note, she holds a particular interest in women’s social causes, which is probably why she has worked so long in the Women’s Healthcare sector.

Current Interests

Currently, McQuade has focused her attention on Airmedh Consulting Services, a firm she founded in 2020. Here she and her staff offer advisory services for both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors that want to increase their social efforts. In addition, McQuade helps the organization find funding and focus the employees on the new task.

Laura McQuade’s History

Her ability to spearhead specific tasks and run an organization’s finances has led her to take on critical administrative roles. In the companies she has worked in, she has been the COO, CFO, and CEO of the organizations where she developed her skills. In her most recent position at Planned Parenthood, sheer and facilities in Ohio, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and many other Midwestern states. She also was the acting director of the New York Clinic.

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